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When we give someone a gift, we make two people happy. The one to whom we dedicate the gift, and also our heart, which fills like a bubble with warmth and love.

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Our company is committed to providing the highest quality products that comply with European safety standards and regulations.
Each product is made from 100% food grade silicone and natural beech wood.
Pure solid and uncoated beech wood is natural, antibacterial and hygienic.
All the highest quality materials are completely free of BPA, PVC, cadmium, lead, latex and phthalates.
The certified wooden clasp is designed for added security, but is not meant to be chewed.
Designed for repeated use and washing.


Wash before first use.
All products can be hand washed with warm water and mild soap. Do not soak or leave submerged in water.
Objects can be impregnated with organic oil or wax.
TIP: You can refrigerate silicone teethers for extra relief.


Be sure to inspect the item upon receipt and contact us immediately if you notice any damage to the product.
Adult supervision is required when using our products.
The wooden clasp is not meant to be chewed.
Discard or stop using the item at the first sign of wear or damage.